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See below on how to order a copy. We want a year that will be better, brighter, and easier than the past one. Will this one be like that? In many ways, the answer is yes. Last year was nearly cut exactly in half, with the first part the most productive, for once we came to end of June, Mars began to retrograde June 25 to August 27 , and his little copycat brother, Mercury, did the same July 25 to August This was unfortunate, because from June 26 to August 27 last year, it was nearly impossible to make solid progress.

The eclipses, always harbingers of change, layered their messages over the situation with retrograde Mars in July and August. Just when we thought we were coming out from under this heavy planetary cloud cover, Venus went retrograde October 3 to November 16 , and again, little Dennis-the-Menace Mercury decided to retrograde too, from November 16 to December 6, It was not until December 6 that we could start to rev up our engines to push forward assertively on goals and dreams, knowing plans would stick.

Much of last year was meant to look back and fix what was broken, not move ahead, but that all changes now. Venus, Mars, and Mercury are the three planets we feel the most when retrograde because they orbit closest to earth.

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Happily, love- beauty- and money-goddess Venus and action-hero Mars will not retrograde even once in This assures a productive year ahead with plenty of energy and a variety of options. Mercury will retrograde, of course, as he does every 12 weeks or so, so note, Mercury will retrograde during almost all of March, July, and much of November. I have a section on Mercury retrograde in my Year Ahead book.

Of the three, Mars has a very big role to play in helping you launch successful ventures, for he acts as a booster rocket to get big projects into space with a strong orbit. Once the main rocket is in orbit, the booster is no longer needed, so Mars salutes the captain of the rocket ship, spins off, and heads to his next assignment.

As you see, Mars adds energy to any strenuous effort. Mars will start the year in Aries and push quickly all the way to Scorpio in , bringing lots of projects and discussions up for planning and launch at a fast clip. Saturn will remain in Capricorn, a placement this teacher-taskmaster planet took up on December 23, , but will move very close to Pluto now in a very rare configuration.

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This only happens every 35 to 38 years, so this is a big feature of and of the coming year, , too. Saturn and Pluto last met in and A conjunction is the strongest of all astrological aspects, for it denotes the start of a new cycle. Pluto contains energy and is associated with governments and large, multi-national corporations. He is associated with the masses of people. Saturn sets firm foundations and structures as well.

These two planets will be a formidable force. Saturn and Pluto can be akin to two stern parents that hold a united front when parenting their children. Not a museum person? Go antiquing.

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Being around these old objects will be incredibly rejuvenating for you. So do something that honors these parts of yourself, whether that means planning something you look forward to or diving into a good book that stimulates your intellect.

Cancer Horoscope for November 12222

In order to relax and find balance, Pisces need to create. Empty comment.

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Leave A Comment Uh-oh! You will have an open road until Neptune retrogrades again, June 23, , so this is very good news. Finally, if you have delayed signing a contract, you will have a favorable day to sign on November 29, when Mercury will work with Saturn to give your venture stability and long-term life. You may still be reacting from a rather difficult episode in a love relationship, brought on by the new moon in Scorpio on October 27 last month.

Decan 1 Cancer Horoscope November 12222

If you are in a steady relationship but not married, you seem to have been rocked by a sudden revelation or development. Things appear to be reaching critical mass and are requiring a decision. A new moon always begins a new trend, suggesting that the matter on your mind is complex and could take six months to conclude. Last month, Uranus opposed the tender new moon and conjoined the Sun, a very tough set of aspects on October More relationship fireworks are due this month when warrior Mars, in your fifth house of romantic relationships, will directly confront Pluto on November 5, and then later, Mars will oppose unpredictable Uranus on November If you are married, you are not likely to feel the turbulent atmosphere because a different part of the chart, the seventh house of marriage, covers your relationship.

These sharp aspects will train on your house of love, which will affect those dating but not yet committed. If your marriage is solid, it will remain that way. However, one or more of your children might be the topic of discussion and may bring disagreement about how to best care for them. Be ready to defend your position if this becomes necessary. A beautiful social event will dot your calendar within four days of November 12, where many friendly people will be present.

It appears you will go to an important party, charity, or club gathering, or even a gala sporting event that you and your friends are looking forward to attending. This event will give you relief from the incident of last month and any continued fall out this month. This comes thanks to Mars in Libra. Your best day to hear exciting news about your living quarters or a family member will be when action Mars and good-fortune Jupiter align on November That same day may bring good news at work, too.

During the last third of November, you will switch your attention back to the romantic relationship in question. Emotions will run high, and friends will chime in about what they feel you should do. With your emotions stirred, you may feel a little overwhelmed. The discussion could be regarding your child or a pregnancy , which, if true for you, could make talks a bit more sensitive to untangle. The relationship on your mind has been important to you, but you seem to have had reasons not to consider a commitment to the partner in question or alternatively, you chose to delay a decision indefinitely.

Knowing why you hesitated to commit may help you unlock your dilemma about what you need to do next. If you are single and not dating, bide your time for now. Mercury is retrograde this month until November 20, and with so many cross-currents that would affect your relationship, you will be far better off waiting to circulate. Do so instead in December at holiday parties. Next month is due to be a sweet month, and your chances of finding lasting love will improve greatly.

By the new moon on November 26 in Sagittarius, your office will be exceptionally busy, and you will be happy to throw yourself into your many tasks to take your mind off your private life. Relationship questions will likely remain unresolved, but again will be front and center by the holidays, especially in the last week of December and in January. Take your time. Astrology does not give a predetermined result—you can do what feels right for you.

If you love each other, you could heal any question, should one come up. If you feel this relationship is not for you, you will find the courage to free yourself so you will be able to meet others. With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller As you enter November, you will have just experienced a difficult new moon in Scorpio, one that lit your solar fifth house of love.

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